Sustainability Policy

Performance Office Papers is committed to the goals of sustainability for both our entire industry and for all internal operations of our company.

To achieve these goals for our entire industry, we subscribe to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI) Chain of Custody and Product Labeling Standards and Rules. We will also fully comply with all applicable laws and public relations.

We will acquire paper and packaging materials from SFI certified suppliers as our highest priority in all circumstances. We will adopt and implement appropriate programs with documented procedures to guide paper procurement, production of converted paper products, and product identification/labeling practices. We will emphasize and actively promote products with SFI certifications as well as papers containing post-consumer recycled fiber.

In our internal operations we will capture for reuse or recycling all wastepaper, corrugated waste, recyclable plastics like film and strapping, wood pallets, even recyclable office waste items like cans and bottles.  We will seek to use less material in all processes and seek biodegradability if recycling capture is not possible.

Performance Office Papers views its operational sustainability and its industry sustainability as equal, compatible, and unequivocal goals.  As such we are totally committed to both concepts.  We will formally review the effectiveness of our Sustainability Policy and Chain of Custody program annually to monitor outcomes and improve performance.  We will seek new ideas and functional improvements on a daily basis for continuous improvement.

Russ DeFauw, President

Performance Office Papers