Because it’s the right thing to do

Paper Procurement

All of our paper is purchased from independently certified North American Suppliers committed to responsible forestry practices.

Chain of Custody Certification

Performance Office Papers is certified to the standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI), one of the leading organizations dedicated to the responsible management of forests. Certification was achieved in 2009. A third-party registrar recently completed an audit that confirms our procedures related to product traceability, product storage and handling, invoicing and record keeping meet the standards of SFI.

Recycling and Energy Efficiency

For many years, Performance Office Papers has recycled almost all materials used in manufacturing, including paper, card board, stretch wrap, core plugs, carton straps and pallets. We also recycle our light bulbs, electronics and fluids. In addition, we now purchase recycled pallets. Finally, our manufacturing facility uses the latest energy efficient technology.

Solar Panel Installation

In 2015, Performance Office Papers installed a 200 kilowatt solar electricity system on the roof of our building in Lakeville, MN. At its time of activation, this $750,000 investment was the largest privately-owned rooftop solar array in our entire state!

Each day this system generates clean and renewable energy filling about 20% of our electric power needs. On days when our converting plant is not operating, the electricity is fed into the regional power grid for use by others.

Sustainability is a core value of Performance Office Papers and with solar electricity we add “Renew” to our previous three “R’s” – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!