ColorLok® is an inkjet fixative treatment developed by Hewlett Packard and offered under licence agreement by Performance Office Papers. It enhances color reproduction and print quality.
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Custom Products

  • POP (Performance Office Papers) can manufacture a variety of  special punch and/or perforation configurations.
  • Substrates from 20# xerographic to 110# index.
  • Paper wrap/glue seal or poly film/heat seal wrapping.
  • Variety of package labeling capabilities.
  • Special cartons including display tray packs.
  • White roll stock is inventoried for converting 8.5″x11″ in the following grades: 20# and 24# xerographic in 92° bright; 20# and 24# recycled xerographic (30% post consumer) in 92° bright; 20# and 24# Premium xerographic in 96° bright; 24# and 28# “super” Premium in 98° bright; 110# index in 92° bright.
  • Pastel color roll stock is inventoried for converting 8.5″x11″ 20# in the following colors: Canary, Pink, Blue, Green, Ivory, Buff, Gold, Cherry, and Salmon.
  • Normal minimum run quantities for premium or color papers stocked on our floor are:

    Perforated Items
    20# 1 pallet or 80 cartons (200,000 sheets)
    24# 1 pallet or 64 cartons (160,000 sheets)
    Punched Items
    20# 2 pallets or 160 cartons (400,000 sheets)
    24# 2 pallets or 128 cartons (320,000 sheets)
    This applies to 8.5″x11″ only. Other custom items, including 9″x11″, 8.5″x14″, 11″x17″, A4 and digital sizes may be quoted with higher minimums due to nature and complexity of production requirements or paper sourcing.
  • All  special order papers are subject to application of  minimum run amount and also a nearest full roll yield  requirement. Due to nature of mill order process, special papers can be subject to a + or –20%  final quantity variance. POP will  make every attempt to minimize variance and will provide  estimated yield amounts at time of quoting.
  • Quotes for special order papers may require up to five (5) working  days in order to secure sourcing and insure accuracy.
  • Normal  production lead times for custom items from stocked  papers is four (4) weeks or less. Production lead times  for custom orders requiring special mill order papers  are highly contingent upon availability from the source  mill. While eight (8) weeks is possible, POP will  make every effort to provide accurate estimated lead  times at time of quote.
  • All  special quote orders are subject to final acceptance by POP after  review of final specifications.
  • POP will  provide an actual sample for all special order papers  and will require a written authorization approving selected  paper prior to order entry.
Custom Carton Labeling:For an additional fee of $.50 per carton, Performance will affix custom labels to cartons on any stock item. Please allow an additional 1-2 days lead time to accommodate labeling.Bulk Pack Cartons:All orders requesting bulk pack cartons are “made to order” and must be custom quoted. Bulk pack cartons are designed with a fold-down panel for convenient removal of the entire stack. Interior surfaces of the cartons are coated with a moisture resistant liner, but the cartons are not moisture proof and do not provide the same protection as wrapped reams. Special attention to climate controlled storage and proper stock rotation is critical for trouble free bulk pack applications. Buyer accepts all responsibility for adverse moisture-related paper properties (curl) when requesting bulk pack cartons.